Fair-Rite Products Corp. (NY)
Soft ferrite core assemblies for the electronic industry. The industry leader in EMI-RFI cores for suppression. Fair-Rite is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Registered.
Please visit: http://www.fair-rite.com/

* Fair-Rite Products distributed locally. See distributor links.

Metex (NJ)
Fax 732-287-8546

Metal Textiles Corporation specializes in the manufacture of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products.

Fabric-over-foam profile gaskets, shielding tapes, fabric-over-foam I/O gaskets, cable shielding, shielding laminates, finger stock, knitted wire mesh gaskets, vent panels, conductive silicone adhesive, oriented wire and shielded windows.
Please visit: http://www.metexcorp.com/

XYZ Conductive Foam – A low closure force gasket using more conductive silver instead of nickel plating for the shielding media. Provides shielding in the X, Y, Z planes. Ideal for telecom, computer and commercial electronic applications.

Elna Line Card XYZ Conductive Foam

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Thermik Corporation (NC)
Fax 252-636-5737

A manufacturer of thermal protectors, (automatic reset, snap action, bimetallic), temperature limiting switches, PTC thermistors, and temperature sensors. German reputation for quality with a U.S. presence. Thermik is ISO-9001 certified.
Please visit: http://www.thermik.com/